Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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Sales and installation of artificial turf

telefono poolgrass
telefono poolgrass
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PoolGrass proposes an ecological and innovative disadvantages of natural turf solution, enabling respond to the different needs of individuals and professionals, ideal for decorating gardens, terraces, attics, recreational areas and spaces generally green.

To this end, we present our line of artificial turf products directly from factory, developed exclusive and personalized way to give the product durability, a more natural look and optimum performance before a continued use over time, reducing or eliminating the need for periodic maintenance.

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The density of fibers used in our products allows us to walk on a nice fluffy texture layer, allowing to lounge on a sponge base, enjoying a nice rest without the discomfort of natural grass as allergies or insect bites.

The artificial turf is an eco-friendly alternative and environment, offering the look and feel of natural grass without the drawbacks that today represents water scarcity. In short, an aesthetic alternative for a sustainable future.